Ease of Doing Business: Reforms

Vungu Rural District Council
In order to be better able to serve its clients better council recently embarked on a number of reforms. The reforms are aimed at creating a less frustrating business and administrative environment in order to ease the way council operates. The ultimate aim is to make our clients happy by being more responsive to their needs.


Payment Systems

Council has introduced a number of payment for methods to make it easier for clients to pay their rates and other charges. The payment methods in use include:

  • (i) Cash
  • (ii) Ecocash (Biller code 73127)
  • (iii) Point of sale (Swiping)
  • (iv) RTGs
  • (v) Bank transfers

* Whichever payment method you use please ensure that you get a receipt

Stand Applications and Development Control

  • Council resolved to delegate the power to allocate stands to applicants on the waiting list to management.
  • Council resolved to waiver the requirement that applicants for stands should obtain a recommendation letter from the councillor.
  • Management meets every Monday and among other things allocates stands to applicants on the waiting list. This has reduced the waiting period where stands are available from about 90 days to one week
  • Building plan appraisals are now done within five (5) working days

Stand Application Process

  • Applicant pays a non-refundable application fee of $20.00 (twenty dollars).
  • Applicant is issued with stand application form on which s/he fills in the required details.
  • The completed application form is submitted to the Social Services office together with photo copies of identity cards of the applicant and his/her spouse (where applicable), marriage certificate (where applicable) and proof of capital (pay slip, bank statement etc).
  • If the applicant applies on line the relevant documents must be scanned and attached.
  • The applicant is added to the waiting list for the centre s/he has applied for.
  • Successful applicants are called and given offer letters. The offer has to be accepted within a week or it is deemed that the applicant is no longer interested in the stand. In the event that the applicant fails to accept the offer within the stipulated period, s/he automatically falls off the waiting list.
  • If the applicant accepts the offer s/he is required to pay the pegging fee after which s/he is shown the stand.
  • Applicant is then required to pay the other charges within the stipulated period before s/he is issued with a lease and allowed to develop.
  • All construction work must be inspected and certified by council.

We are open between 0745hours and 1645hours from Monday to Friday except on public holidays.

We have set up a help desk and help line to assist clients with any information or queries they may need or have.