Vungu Rural District Council

Insukamini is the designated growth point for the Vungu Rural District Council area. Like other growth points around the country, Insukamini was meant to be the node of development in that part of the district. The intention is to provide the various goods and services that are needed by people in the surrounding areas so that they do not have to travel long distances to the established cities and towns to get these services. The ultimate goal is that the growth point should develop into a town.


Insukamini Growth Point is found 26km to the west of the City of Gweru along the Gweru-Lower Gweru Road. This location is very ideal for those that want to reside in a quiet environment while they either work in Gweru or pursue their own business interests at the growth point. It also means that people can easily access services and facilities in Gweru that may not yet be available in Insukamini. It is, however, our intention that such services and facilities must eventually be available at Insukamini Growth Point.


Insukamini Growth Point enjoys uninterrupted supplies of cheap clean water. The water is supplied by the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) from the nearby Insukamini Dam. The dam has the capacity to supply a much bigger population in addition to the irrigation scheme. All the stands have been connected to water supplies except for a few new stands that are yet to be connected.


Insukamini Growth Point has one primary school (Insukamini Primary School) and one secondary school (Insukamini Secondary School) both of which are council schools. The secondary school is still developing and is currently operating from temporary structures. Besides these two schools, there is also Shilo International School, a private school also operating from temporary structures while construction work is going on. The schools aims to offer technical vocational education in addition to the usual secondary school curriculum. A government vocational training college is also under construction.


Insukamini Growth Point is connected to the national electricity grid. Most of the stands have been serviced in terms of electricity supplies.


All the stands have been serviced in terms of the road network. The road network is maintained regularly by council to keep it in a trafficable state. Some sections, however, need further construction to bring them up to the expected standards.


Council has, in terms of the Rural District Councils Act, caused the election of an area committee whose function is to advise council on the needs of the residents. The term of office of the Area Committee runs concurrently with that of council. The current membership of the Area Committee is as follows:

Area Committee

Name Position Contact Details
Councillor S. Moyo Chairperson 0778 505 588
Mr. H.M. Mafudze Member 0772 947 364
Mr. A. Musvari Member 0774 099 328

Title Deeds

Every stand owner, having satisfied the set conditions, is entitled to title deeds for their property.

Proximity to City of Gweru

Insukamini Growth Point is only 26km from Gweru. Services that are not yet available at Insukamini can be easily accessed in Gweru. The city can also provide an easily accessible market in addition to the population of Insukamini and surrounding areas.

Insukamini Dam

Insukamini Dam provides sufficient water for the current population for the expected future growth in population and industry. The dam also provides opportunities for:

  • (i) Investment in water sports facilities
  • (ii) Development of fisheries
  • (iii) Development of tourism facilities such as lodges and hotels

Light Industry

Insukamini Growth Point also offers opportunities for the establishment of light industries to serve the population of Insukamini and the surrounding rural population.